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The Team
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Wednesday, 27 October 2010 17:49

At the Eagle we are very proud of our team, not only for their loyalty but the continued high standard they provide to our customers. Our team members are always cheery happy and flexible within the team undertaking many tasks between both the Eagle & Child Inn and our sister pub the Central Beach Club.



Sue & Clinton Borders

Proprietors and general dogs bodys. Sue is alright as long as you don't touch her hair but he can get a bit tense after being in the kitchen or in the garden or cellar or up the ladder or in the office or dabbling with a bit of maintenance. If it needs doing he does it. (Sorry darling I know I always miss you out).



Sabrina Borders or "Sabz"

Covers bar, kitchen and office. If you are lucky you might get a word in, if she takes a breath. Sometimes pops to the Club.



Gavin Borders or "Gav"

Runs the Club doing a bit of everything but is known to help at the Eagle, especially with the heavy work behind the scenes. This is when he is not off gallivanting.



Kevan Jameson or "The Little Man" or "Sue's husband?"

Front of house head barman and more. The man who greets all with a warm welcome and keeps the beer flowing.  Loves his horses.




Joined our front of house team in November 2016 and has a larger than life personality. Also helps Gav out at the Club..




Always smiling and bubbly. Great front of house Team member who works between her studies. 



Arron or "Az"

Great polite individual who rallies the kitchen team,  if we can get him off the Golf course.




A great young lady who keeps the venue clean and helps out the front of hosue. 




Welcome return of Debbie in July 2016 after previously working at our Club many years ago.  Front of house and hepls at the Club.  A lively and energetic individual. 




A busy young man who between his teacher training helps the front of house.




A youg man who joined our kitchen team as KP in March 2017.  He can give as good as he takes but in a respectful manner.



Callum or "Cal"

Another busy young man who in between playing in a band and training to be a teacher works the front of house.




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